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     Award winning landscape and seascape artist Anthony Giles lives and works in the artistic and vibrant seaside town of Margate, Kent.

     Surrounded by the Turneresque 'best skies in all of Europe' he paints with a passion large paintings that capture the beauty of the downlands, marshes and beaches that surround him.

     Rain clouds, dark and laden above a foaming foreshore with just a glimmer of light on the horizon, or a summer squall moving quickly across the beach, obliterating light and form, are everything that Anthony loves about working on the Kent coast. Many of his paintings are started en plein air, even the larger pieces and many will have sand, mud or grass stuck to them, which is left on the finished work. This gives the work a sense of being created right amidst the event being captured. Indeed many visitors to Anthony's studio will come away with a plein air oil because it is often these, unfinished, pieces that hold the magic and debris of the event !

     Anthony has exhibited in both London and Rome and his work is held in collections worldwide.

"Yellow is a light which has been dampened by darkness and blue

is a darkness weakened by light"

- Goethe from Theory of Colour

''In the darkest of shadows there are the richest purples, greens and blue, whilst in the brightest of lights there are subtle shades of yellows, reds and orange.

It is this juxtaposition of colour play that holds the viewer, whilst the eye savours the sensation of colour.'' 

Contact Anthony at: [email protected]